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Signing up with SustainBase will save you time and headaches with each innovation event. You can work through more case challenges, drive more actionable results and make a real impact. Joining also increases event awareness locally and abroad due to rapid growth of the SustainBase community. The result is a big boost in attendee engagement. 


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....for students to go beyond ideation - creating prototypes and validating solutions
— Christian Refshauge, Student & Innovation House online experience that enables even greater collaboration and tangible solutions
— Kristoffer Lippert, CBS Case Competition

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Why SustainBase

We are focused on driving better innovation through design, prototyping and testing combined with a common framework guiding all innovation via the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals provide a universal call to action about creating a sustainable world socially, environmentally and economically.

No single state, company or initiative can solve these global critical issues. Although the timeframe for reaching the goals is 2030, the SDG is also a call for a shift in the ways we do business and education. This shift includes an all-encompassing focus on sustainability as the single most important challenge for business and education. Simply put, our responsibility to the generations to come.


Our Vision

To build a global movement using crowd innovation as a force powering sustainable life on Earth

Collaboration, Knowledge and Practical Solutions

Among all types of organizations we see an enormous growth in collaborative innovation events. Events that help us to develop ideas and practical solutions, as well as learn how to work better together. At SustainBase, we want to enable these events to make an even greater impact while also making them easier to plan and execute. We believe in the power of collaborative innovation based on diversity in team composition. The SustainBase online platform is ideally suited for event organizers seeking to differentiate and to add further value to stakeholders as well as society. Join the drive to make an impact.  



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