Matematikcenter is a non-profit organization that operates in Denmark. The sole purpose of the organization is to tutor young people in math for free.

One goal is to promote and expand the service: We want the service to become the most popular math-tutoring website among students. Our three main services are: 1) 2) (requires volunteers) and 3) math cafés (requires volunteers).

The Challenge

At the moment we are struggling to find a sustainable solution regarding volunteer math tutors. We want to expand our group of volunteers by recruiting through new channels and increase the amount of time that each volunteer stays in the organisation.

The tutors we are looking for are very good at math (at least A-level), able to teach in danish and willing to do tutoring online via or in person once a week in one of our math cafés:

Impact Potential

The solution will increase equality in education. Making free tutoring in math available to all students - including children from low-income families - we make sure that everybody has the opportunity to understand, get inspired by and master the art of math.