Humanity’s tech guide and accelerator.

Humanitrack is an open platform where humanity’s goals, dreams and challenges are organised into tech-centered quests and then, through a mix of crowdsourcing and AI, broken further down into smaller actions and projects for individuals and groups to take action on. Each quest features a live updated interactive overview of related news, data, networks, projects, research gaps etc. If you want to take part in creating a better world, but don’t know where to start, start by getting the overview, network, and focus on

The Challenge

How do we ensure a fruitful dialogue among our users (especially between SME’s and STEM students), where people feel engaged and empowered through the interactions?

If we’re not creating the right frames and dialogue tools for all kinds of users to engage and take part in tracking and pushing technological progress for humanity, the platform can’t deliver on it’s value proposition. We’re looking for any kind of setup (mixing crowdsourcing, AI etc.) that helps facilitate a dialogue between the future superstars of both industry and academia.

Impact Potential

An engaging platform creates motivated people and ideas for innovation and research projects that have already been identified as being key focus areas for pushing progress. These projects will have maximum impact in their respective areas.