HackYourFuture supports refugees, asylum seekers and marginalised groups with limited access to further education and the Danish labour market in acquiring the necessary skills to become web developers and entering a very in-demand field. Our goal is not only to educate our students, but also to guide them towards employment and integrate them into the developer community.

In our 7-month program we train students with and without a coding background in modern JavaScript software development. Our aim is to have our students land their first software development job after finishing our course. Our teachers are volunteers and working professionals who are extremely passionate about coding, helping others and growing through the experience of teaching.

We believe talented newcomers are a great opportunity for society and we are here to give them a helping hand to make use of their potential.

The Challenge

  1. It is a challenge for the students (refugees and migrants) to follow the demanding program, without getting too stressed out about it and without dropping out (a challenge mixed of time commitment/availability for each student and the way we teach the classes).

  2. Making IT-companies offer internships and junior positions to the students   

Impact Potential

HackYourFuture´s main goal is to get the students in to secure jobs with good future perspectives (jobs that will not disappear in the future). This create value for each individual, for the IT-industry in Denmark and for the society as a whole.