eGro is a climate startup. We are pre-revenue early stage climate startup still bootstrapping towards our first product sales and proof of business.

We focus on operations in production, processing and trading of climate resilient products from agri-forestry production for both foods and non-edibles industry. With a 1-acre model, we contract with farmers in rural emerging markets to produce according to our methods.

We use sustainable climate resilient production methods. We help facilitate specialty seeds, and tree seedlings to amend the soils, and we bring materials for their production and secure post harvest of their crops. We export and market the products to the high-end consćious consumers in the western markets. eGro uses a production method that will replace conventional agriculture.

We secure a sustainable supply chain for the ingredients industry with our permanent agriculture methods. We produce and trade peanuts for snacks and unsalted hand roasted from our Ghanaian farmers.

eGro is looking for financial partners to expand production, consolidate operations and facilitate market entry in Northern Central Europe and Pacific Northwest of USA/Canada.

Vision: A sustainable mankind

Mission: Stabilizing earths climate

The Challenge

We have a challenge in choosing our customer strategy: We have to many options.

We want to do a market analysis of volunteer carbon offsetting for both large corporates, like forbes 500 companies, and for small and medium danish enterprises, but also for regular citizens that wish to carbon offset their plane travels or their entire lives.

We need to find out what the trends are before we venture down one path for 6 months, developing in one direction.

Impact Potential

The engagement with the right customer segment will make it possible to build forests for thousands off people, and then later for millinos.

It will be succesful by engaging both large entities with lots of money, and individuals that can become our ambassadors