Ballast is a consultancy and project driven 3 year old company.

Our mission is to create better welfare and accessibility for vulnerable minorities (e.g. people with disabilities). We do this through user involvement, user testing and knowledge sharing.

Our vision is a society where inclusion and empathy is everyone’s responsibility and a part of everyday life. Everyone should be able to participate in society by accessing websites, apps, urban and public spaces. We wish to be the leading company who facilitates user oriented accessibility tests within digital and physical accessibility.  

The EU is introducing more and more regulations on accessibility for public entities but only just starting to look at accessibility connected to private companies.   

The Challenge

Our biggest challenge is that accessibility has not become a legislation for private companies yet. Thus we have a challenge with selling our consultancy services within accessibility to private clients.

Accessibility is not sexy. If we cannot convince our private clients to pay for accessibility optimization - we cannot make society more accessible.

How do we sell accessibility to private customers? What can trigger them to improve their accessibility (products, services, websites, apps etc.)? What ‘numbers’ will trigger their interest (increased revenue, more users, new customer segments)? We would like a case example focusing on a specific potential private client.

Impact Potential

Social sustainability is often overlooked and not as hyped as environmental sustainability.

Both are equally important, and by moving the focus from e.g. the person with a handicap to the society around him/her, we will create options - not only for getting around, but also for getting a job and breaking down taboos about handicap.

The solution will have succeeded if it is possible to apply it to not only one, but more private clients, to sell them the notion of accessibility.